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Corporate Membership Reimbursal

Yoga Farm is now offering discounted membership reimbursal rates for participating companies!

Businesses of all sizes and industries are making wellness initiatives a priority, now more than ever. Employers understand that offering access to wellness options encourages healthy lifestyles, which leads to happier, more focused, and more connected work environments. A membership at the Yoga Farm can be part of the equation, giving your employees the opportunity to care for themselves with UNLIMITED access to our yoga and meditation classes, UNLIMITED guest passes, DISCOUNTS on courses, retail items, massages, and more!

Corporate Rates

Monthly Rate: $44 / 30 days (Regular: $64)
Annual Rate: $365 / 365 days (Regular: $475)


Are you interested in bringing a membership reimbursal program to your company? Contact our Director of Business Development Joshua Reynolds to learn more!


Employees participating in their company's reimbursal program must download and complete the membership reimbursal form and submit to their employers for reimbursal.


Custom On-site Programs

Each Corporate Wellness Program is customized to suit your business, the nature of the work various staff perform, and workplace challenges that you may be facing.

Our offerings include fitness, education, and coaching that directly addresses specific challenges that your business faces, such as:


Challenge: Alleviate mental fatigue and Nurture a clear mind

Benefits of Our Program:

  • Reduce anxiety and stress

  • Reboot and recharge the mind

  • Increase alertness in the afternoon

  • Increased patience and kindness among coworkers

  • Reduce mistakes and errors of judgement

Our Service Offerings:

  • Meditation & mindfulness education

  • Breathing techniques to calm and center

  • On site massage

  • Gentle effective stretching for those in business attire

  • Chair yoga, desk yoga

  • "Lunch & Learn" series on the sources of and solutions to stress & anxiety

Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 2.57.12 PM.png

Challenge: Physical Stagnation; Tired, Sedentary BodY; risk of injury

Benefits of Our Program:

  • Renew, refresh and restore the body

  • Infuse the body with fresh energy

  • Increased Positive mental attitude

  • Experience increased contentment

  • Learn simple daily practices to maintain health and vigor

  • Increased camaraderie, patience, and kindness in the office

Our Service Offerings:

  • On-site yoga classes that everyone can do

    • All of our on-site classes can be done without any special clothing or props (no yoga mats required). These can be done in the break room, meeting room, or outside when weather permits, and can be arranged for 30-60 minutes.

  • Energizing breathing techniques and strategies

  • Fitness education and coaching

  • Daily tracking logs and goal-setting for participants

  • Meditation & mindfulness sessions

  • Unlimited access to Yoga Farm’s weekly classes and offerings

people copy.png

Challenge: low morale; Ineffective communication; reduced teamwork and cooperation

Benefits of Our Program:

  • Improve teamwork and colleague relationships

  • Reconnect and Reinvigorate management and staff

  • Refresh staff outlook and passion for their work

  • Improve morale and enthusiasm

  • Develop effective and professional communication skills

  • Coaching to improve team efficiency and connection

Our Service Offerings:

Lunch & Learn educational in-service series including topics such as:

  • Refresh your Mind, Recharge your Enthusiasm

  • Manage Home & Workplace Stress

  • Learn to respond, rather than react, to stressful situations at work

  • 15 Minutes to MAXIMUM Energy

  • How To TRULY Get Along with Everyone You Work With

  • 3 Keys to Rapid Decision Making

  • 3 Keys to Sustained Happiness

  • How To Step into Courageous Action in Service

  • Refresh your Passion & Purpose in the Workplace

  • Workplace relationship tools

  • Active listening education

  • Conflict resolution practices


Classes & Workshops at Yoga Farm

Yoga Farm offers discounted corporate membership rates for all your employees to enjoy yoga & related practices, exercise, and specialty workshops here at our facility. We offer classes before work, after work, and on the weekends.

Rates are as low as $20 per employee/per month for unlimited access to our 20+ weekly offerings as part of our Corporate Wellness Programs.

Yoga for Schools

Our yoga teachers have a background in education, and we are passionate about bringing the benefits of yoga into the school environment.

We often teach classes right after school ends, for teachers, administrators and staff. We can also lead workshops and provide materials to assist teachers in bringing basic mindfulness practices into the classroom.

Yoga Farm Retreats

Join us at Yoga Farm for your next company retreat, annual review, refreshing your Mission & Vision, or employee team building.

We offer;

  • Leadership coaching
  • Teamwork development
  • Interpersonal conflict resolution
  • Inspirational and effective strategies for office communication & harmony
  • Refresh your ‘Why’, ReConnect with your Mission & Vision
  • Increased teamwork, collaboration, and productivity programs

Our retreats are inspirational & rejeuvenating; available in ½ day, full day, or weekend formats. Help your employees grow together in cohesion, actualize their fullest potential, and embody the Mission of your company as a team.

Educational Talks

Christopher and Daniela give talks, in-service consultations, and presentations in businesses and the community.

Here are some recent topics:

  1. 3 Keys to Sustained Happiness
  2. Practical Tools to Live a Life of Fulfillment and Joy
  3. How to Step into Courageous Action in Service
  4. Refresh your Passion & Purpose in the Workplace
  5. Find Your Why, Overcome Obstacles, Realize Success

As we gradually quiet the mind and embrace the present moment, as it is, we find greater ease and joy in life. In today’s busy world, this isn’t very easy to do! The relevant practices of yoga, meditation and mindfulness give us practical tools to bring the body and mind together, in the present.

We offer simple, practical techniques in many formats and environments that anyone can do to create ease in the body and peace in the mind and heart.

We have given talks and classes at: Local organizations, business, libraries, service groups including Rotary and Lions Club, teachers retreats, schools, non-profits and other health related businesses.


Contact us to get started!